And in your life you’ll come across people who are loving, who will go out of their way to help you, these people will give out so much that they’ll have very little left of themselves. These people will be sensitive and intuitive, so watch yourself.

And when you come across such people, do not praise them for their qualities, do not tell them they are rare. Do not feed them these false fantasies where they will eventually reap what they sow.

Instead, tell these people to keep to themselves. Tell these people to be wary of those around them. Tell them to give just enough to others so they have enough left for themselves. Tell these people that this world is no place for them.

For all it takes is a little air drag to blow out the candle’s flame.

And all it takes is a pebble to break down a glass house.


A Man of Emotion

I never asked for much
But what was, was much too little
For I am a man of emotion

Sweet sands of time,
Let’s perspire together,
One last time, let me hold your palm
For we may never come to be again
Your grains seep from my hands
As you leave me under the rain

Not Amongst pharaohs and slaves
Will I find any rest
Nor Amongst Children of God
Will I find any rest

No, not in another dimension,
A dying star at a distance
Not in another galaxy
So close yet so far
That, is my true destiny

I never asked for much,
But what was, didn’t last as such
For I am a man of emotion

Your scent will linger
In my heart of an abyss
Yet, Show me a glimpse
A linger of affection

My essence will seep back to you
As even today, I still long,
For I am a man of emotion

A Memorable Train Ride

In the shadows of night
We pave our way through the wilderness

Under the blood moon’s light
We find warmth and happiness

Embraced in a cloud of smoke,
Into a pool of emotions, we pour out

With each drop of ash,
Here another tale comes

A moment of profound happiness
A moment of letting go

A moment of feeling protected
A moment of feeling right at home,
truly at home.

Such happiness, such trust
Who thought it would be so easy to achieve?

Where the floor trembles but you feel balanced
A darkness where you feel enlightened
Not enough space but just enough room.
And a few synchronised hearts was all that it’d take

Alas, it was a just a fleeting moment
To be replaced by another far too soon.

A lifetime of joy and bliss
Lived in just a few ticks of the clock

From above, the cool winds blow
Winds of friendship and ecstasy, we breathe in

Each time the door across opens
We glimpse into reality
We catch an undesired sight of whence we came
A place where we breathe but don’t really live

Shutting the door each time
We retreat into this fantasy
Where we no longer live as one
But where we live a dozen lives

In words I can no longer pen what I feel
For moments like these cannot be justified in words
No, moments like these can only be felt

Alas it was just a fleeting moment
To be replaced by another far too soon.

A Beautiful Lie

Show me an illusion
A taste of Rapture, A beautiful little lie
Before you leave me, I’ll stop you,
I’ll bleed but I’ll try

Your dreams, we’ll envision
My demons, we’ll share
Everything you’ve to offer
No secrets, we’re naked, we’re bare

That Which pumps but no longer beats, He lives here no more
A cracked slab, just extra weight
No, God deserves temples and mosques
Living in broken stone is not His fate

But You, His shadow, before me you stand
From the ground below,
Upon fields of sorrow, upon pillars of sand
an oasis you burst forth

You speak of saffron, Of wine,
of a valley where lost souls roam
Yet, An hourglass you carry
False promises of Atlantis, of Eden
One final embrace, you’re already gone

As you leave, I’ll play for you a requiem,
A casket of our bond, now a mere memory
For the breaths we shared, the lies we lived,
A eulogy I’ll read

Conjure a moment as beautiful as that,
Frozen in time
Spoken of in legends, in tales
And I’ll tell you it was only ever, a beautiful little lie.

The Descent

Mama, I can’t hear the music anymore
This darkness outshines the sunlight

If I go to sleep tonight
Would things be any different ?

If I wake up tomorrow
Would the colours be brighter?

Painted with strokes of misery
An empty canvas I once was

Oblivious, blissful, content
A child who’s giggles echoed to eternity

Mama, take me back to a time
A time, when we did not pretend

Or take me forward,
Tread me through, hold my hand

Until then,
If I go to sleep tonight
Would things be any different ?

If I wake up tomorrow
Would the colours be brighter?