In the shadows of night
We pave our way through the wilderness

Under the blood moon’s light
We find warmth and happiness

Embraced in a cloud of smoke,
Into a pool of emotions, we pour out

With each drop of ash,
Here another tale comes

A moment of profound happiness
A moment of letting go

A moment of feeling protected
A moment of feeling right at home,
truly at home.

Such happiness, such trust
Who thought it would be so easy to achieve?

Where the floor trembles but you feel balanced
A darkness where you feel enlightened
Not enough space but just enough room.
And a few synchronised hearts was all that it’d take

Alas, it was a just a fleeting moment
To be replaced by another far too soon.

A lifetime of joy and bliss
Lived in just a few ticks of the clock

From above, the cool winds blow
Winds of friendship and ecstasy, we breathe in

Each time the door across opens
We glimpse into reality
We catch an undesired sight of whence we came
A place where we breathe but don’t really live

Shutting the door each time
We retreat into this fantasy
Where we no longer live as one
But where we live a dozen lives

In words I can no longer pen what I feel
For moments like these cannot be justified in words
No, moments like these can only be felt

Alas it was just a fleeting moment
To be replaced by another far too soon.


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