Show me an illusion
A taste of Rapture, A beautiful little lie
Before you leave me, I’ll stop you,
I’ll bleed but I’ll try

Your dreams, we’ll envision
My demons, we’ll share
Everything you’ve to offer
No secrets, we’re naked, we’re bare

That Which pumps but no longer beats, He lives here no more
A cracked slab, just extra weight
No, God deserves temples and mosques
Living in broken stone is not His fate

But You, His shadow, before me you stand
From the ground below,
Upon fields of sorrow, upon pillars of sand
an oasis you burst forth

You speak of saffron, Of wine,
of a valley where lost souls roam
Yet, An hourglass you carry
False promises of Atlantis, of Eden
One final embrace, you’re already gone

As you leave, I’ll play for you a requiem,
A casket of our bond, now a mere memory
For the breaths we shared, the lies we lived,
A eulogy I’ll read

Conjure a moment as beautiful as that,
Frozen in time
Spoken of in legends, in tales
And I’ll tell you it was only ever, a beautiful little lie.


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